Join our growing bipartisan coalition of supporters from across our state who are coming together to help eliminate the unfair moving penalty by supporting the Property Tax Fairness Initiative.

I support the Property Tax Fairness Initiative, a Constitutional Amendment proposed for the November 2018 California statewide ballot. You may list me publicly as a member of the growing bipartisan coalition of seniors, severely disabled, victims of natural disasters, taxpayers, homeowners, renters, real estate professionals and organizations from across our state who are coming together to urge a YES vote on the Property Tax Fairness Initiative.

What does it mean to join the coalition?

  • By joining the Yes on 5 Coalition, you are giving permission for our coalition to list your name publicly as a member and supporter of the Property Tax Fairness Initiative.
  • Joining the Coalition does not obligate you to contribute money or attend any meetings or make public statements, however you are free to become more actively involved in coalition activities if you wish.
  • Member contact information will be used solely for communication between our coalition members. Member addresses and other contact information will not be sold or provided to any other groups, organizations, or businesses.

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